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The day when we are getting married, maybe the wedding vows should include such words: whether the bridegroom will leave the bride if she becomes fat. If the answer is a yes, then I would wear the plus size wedding dress in that day.

The plus size wedding dress is suitable for what kind of people? I think it will suit the cutest and sweetest women in the world. Usually these kinds of girls are easy to be shy. Maybe sometimes, they are not confident enough and people think they are not beautiful enough. Or maybe to some people, they are nothing. However in my mind, they are the cutest and sweetest girls in the world, and they are not arrogant as those pretty girls.

To tell you the truth, i was very fat before, same with other fat girls. I was always laughed at by other people. I had a boy friend before and he said he love me very much. I did not know whether it was a sad thing or not, my ex-boy friend broke up with me because of my fat body. And now my new boy friend said he does not care whether I’m fat or not, but I am pretty thin now.

For fat brides, choosing a right wedding dress plus is a very confused problem. It has become a challenge for them. In order to make you buy favorite wedding dress, I give you some suggestions.

Please don’t decide your wedding dress in a hurry. Please take many details into your consideration. You should treat your wedding dress seriously.

The wedding dress plus you choose should fit your figure. As we all know, the dress which can accent your body line is the perfect dress for you.

But the first thing for you is to know your figure clearly. You should measure your size before your wedding, and buy the dress according this size.

Every woman wants to become a fashionable and beautiful bride. Some fashionable wedding dress will be your best choice. If you don’t know the fashion trends on plus size wedding dress, you can search it online or read some fashion magazine.

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Shoe Zombie

I am not a shoe girl. Clothes? You better believe it. Purses? Yes, please. Makeup? Sephora and I are like this.

But shoes? Meh. It’s not that I don’t like them—I have several pairs of shoes that I adore. (Including a $1,500 pair of Sergio Rossi boots that I scored at a Goodwill for $8, thank you very much.) For the most part, though, I’d rather spend my money on other parts of my outfit (see above).

So imagine my surprise when it occurred to me that I had spent hours of my life devoted to finding wedding shoes with no luck. You’d think I could just grab a pair of comfy sandals and call it quits, but nope. Apparently my wedding-planning alter ego has other plans. While far from a bridezilla, she appears to be taking on some zombie-like qualities—glazed over eyes, foaming at the mouth—while searching online and grumbling “Must. Find. Shoez.”

Shoe Zombie had several requirements to complete her bridal look:

  1. Slight heel under three inches. Since I’m rather tall at 5’9″, I’m not entirely comfortable in super-high shoes. I’d also rather not tower over Mr. Rucksack.
  2. Preferably a wedge. Getting married on the beach means no stilettos.
  3. Fits in the wedding color scheme: aqua, pink, or gold.
  4. Modern looking—nothing that looks like a prom shoe.
  5. Must allow for my cute pedicure to be visible.
  6. Must be able to protect my feet from icky sand (due to sandphobia) and/or the ability to quickly get the sand of off my feet post ceremony.

I did manage to find my DREAM shoes via Pinterest, but alas, at $545 they are way out of my price range.

Shoe Zombie :  wedding branford shoes Miu Miu miu-miu

Miu Miu Glitter Wedges via Fashion Fuss


These shoes would be great if they weren’t so darn tall:

Shoe Zombie :  wedding branford shoes 2529254 2529254

Image via New Look

Then, of course, there are the shoes that I purchased back when we were still planning to get married at the vineyard. I had dragged Mr. Rucksack to DSW to look for fall boots and ended up being inexplicably drawn to the sparkly shoe section. I put these on just for fun, but then fell in love. I loved the sparkle, the heel height, and the fact that they were super comfy:

Shoe Zombie :  wedding branford shoes 1851536 1851536

Fergalicious Grace via 6PM

Oh, and the fact that they are from the Fergalicious line by Fergie pretty much sold me. I’m not a fan of the pop star herself and actually loathe the Black Eyes Peas nearly as much as April from Parks & Rec does.

Shoe Zombie :  wedding branford shoes Black E black-e

April Beheads the Black Eyed Peas via Fast Company

However, “Fergalicious” happens to be one song that is frequently stuck in my head. And I’m not quiet about it. Poor Mr. Rucksack often has to listen to me bust out singing, “I blow kisses that puts them boys on rock rock, and they be linin’ down the block just to watch what I got.” Of course as soon as I saw the name of the shoes, I had to take a dance through the aisles of DSW singing to Mr. Rucksack. He was mortified, but hey—I got to test the shoes out and I know for a fact I can not only jump in them, but I can also power kick and get down low with them!

The problem was, they just weren’t ideal for a beach wedding. I had a feeling I’d be tripping and sinking into the sand, and I would definitely get that yucky sand stuff stuck in there. It was back to the drawing board…sorry, Fergie!

After a few months of searching high and low for the perfect glitter shoes, I gave up. Clearly my dream shoes did not exist in my budget. So I followed in the footsteps of girls much craftier than I and made my own!

Shoe Zombie :  wedding branford shoes 93366 93366

Image via Lulu’s

I found these shoes on Lulu’s for the amazingly low price of $23 and figured that if I messed them up, then at least I wouldn’t be out much money. The weekend they arrived I armed myself with a big bottle of gold glitter and Mod-Podge’ed away! Twenty minutes plus a couple of hours of drying time later, and I had my dream wedding shoes!

Shoe Zombie :  wedding branford shoes IMG 184 IMG_184

Sparkle sparkle! They look so cute when they peek out from my dress!

Were you surprised at how much time you spent on things you assumed you wouldn’t care about?

Attending a prom is a dream of every fat girl

Wearing the prom dresses plus size and attending a prom is a dream of every fat girl. Like common people, the girl who is fat also has the right to pursue a beautiful dream. So, sometimes prom dresses plus size are required.

Finding the best prom dress available may seem like a difficult task. However, it is more difficult to search for prom dresses plus size. But, don’t worry! As I said, every fat girl can wear prom dress to attend a prom. Whether you’re looking for a gothic prom gown or a formal prom dress, and no matter how fat you are, there are many plus-size options available to you.

There are a lot of resources to find prom dresses plus size, but the best way is the internet. Because it can save you a lot of time and money. While searching the internet, you can look for designers who are specialized in prom dresses plus size such as Jonani Dolce, Nadine, Alfred Angelo and so on. Normally, the dress size is 0-24, but they will offer large size set up to size 26. Thus those ladies who need large size will be satisfied.

If you don’t want to wear prom dresses plus size, the only way is to keep on a balanced diet which will be more daunting, obviously, I don’t want you to do that.

Short prom dresses always give people a sexy and beautiful feeling, as the beginning of New Year 2014, let’s have a look at prom dresses 2013 short.

I once had a short Prom Dresses 2013 . It is pink and A-line style, which really makes me pretty and sexy. It was my friend’s wedding party. After I was invited by the couple, I had begun to look for a pretty prom for me. As you know, on the wedding party, the bride will be the only one that everyone will focus on. So I cannot try white or red proms. It will be impolite to them if I choose such color. Then I tried light blue, yellow and pink. Since my skin is quite white, pink is a good choice for me. I picked up this one and wore it on the party. Well, the bride is the most beautiful woman on that occasion, and I am the second. (It is just kidding)

For prom dresses 2013 short, there are many fashion trends. You can see beautiful prom gowns in short, or just like my prom, an A-line style. For the color, the bright pink, yellow, purple are the common colors for 2013. And if you are a young lady who is proud of yourself, prom dresses short 2013 are perfect for you.

Tess + Rob | Monique Lhuillier Wedding from Juliet Elizabeth Photography

This southern wedding overlooking the Ashley River in Charleston, South Carolina is so charming and pretty! I am in love with Tess + Rob’s choice of venue, the Lowndes Grove Plantation…as Tess explains, ‘with the breathtaking views of the water and the charm of the property it epitomizes the many reasons why we love the South.’ Don’t miss the tasteful mix of elegant meets rustic decor throughout this couples tented reception or my favorite, Tess’s really exquisite Monique Lhuillier gown called ‘Sunday Rose’. This dress looks like it was made for today’s featured bride designed in ivory silk satin organza featuring a strapless sweetheart neckline, pleated bodice, and rose embroidered a-line skirt. Enjoy!

Tess + Rob | September 24, 2011 | Lowndes Grove Plantation, Charleston, SC

The Ceremony
Our ceremony took place on the front lawn of the beautiful, quintessential southern mansion at Lowndes Grove overlooking the Ashley River. My husband and I met and fell in love in Charleston, SC and we knew we would eventually get married there. Lowndes Grove was the perfect location for us to get married; with the breathtaking views of the water and the charm of the property it epitomizes the many reasons why we love the South.

The Reception
Our reception was also at Lowndes Grove and immediately followed the ceremony. We wanted our wedding to embrace the South, particularly since many of our guests were from out of town. Our guests were transported to the venue prior to the ceremony by trolleys. We had a cocktail party with a jazz band playing on the balcony and passed hors d’oeuvres of fried green tomatoes and other southern inspired fare. Our signature drink, a ginger-apple mojito, was served in mason jars. Dinner and dancing took place in a tent draped with white fabric and lined with chandeliers. For dinner, the rustic wood tables were adorned with burlap runners, candles, and organic arrangements of white and plum colored flowers. There were flare bartenders tossing bottles and juggling at the bar and a cigar roller to entertain those guests not on the dance floor. We even had late night fare with mini corn dogs, chicken biscuits, and root beer float shooters. It was a pretty incredible night!

Tess’s Dress Search
My parents, sister, and I went to Kleinfeld’s in NYC and were really just planning for me to try on a few dresses to get a sense of what I liked. While waiting for our appointment, I was flipping through a magazine and the first page I opened up to featured the ‘Sunday Rose’ gown by Monique Lhuillier.  That was the one! We bought it the same day.

How Tess Felt in Her Wedding Dress
Beautiful, Timeless, Distinctive

Why Tess Decided to Sell Her Wedding Dress
It would be a shame for a dress this beautiful to only be worn once! This dress is so fabulous and I know it will make someone else’s day just as special as mine was.

Wedding Dress:  Monique Lhuillier ‘Sunday Rose’  | Photography: Juliet Elizabeth Photography | Ceremony + Reception Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation | Event Planning: Michele Damon Events | Floral Design: Branch Design Studio | Cake: FISH Catering


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Romantic or perhaps fairytale dresses

Since an individual plan for your wedding day, you are confronted with your query related with that form of bridal vase is correct for you? Just before determine that, you need to very first answer a very few questions.

What type of environment do you want for your Informal Wedding Dresses ? Can it feel formal, day to day, elegant or an activity amongst?

Just where are you acquiring married? Is this unique a laid back exterior wedding, a powerful elegant candlelit evening wedding in a cathedral, a simple country chapel wedding, or a fancy nation pub event?

What exactly is your system type? Are really you brief and also petite? Full-figured?

What time of year are really an individual acquiring married in?

Exactly what is the shade strategy?

Are there certain flowers which you simply must have in your wedding vase?

Another significant thing to think about is by far the fashion related with wedding day dress you are dressed in.

With a lot of of interlace, tulle and layers related with luxurious fabric, this kind of dress lends alone to the standard cascading bridal vase. Make in mind, however, that your cascading wedding day vase does neither needed flatter a petite spouse. If in case youre petite, you do not want to get missing at the rear of a large wedding vase. If your gown offers quite a bit of factor to it, be cautious to not purchase a bridal basket that competes together with the gown, instead of complementing it.

Simple and easy and additionally elegant dress

Think Sophistication Kelly or Audrey Hepburn and also youll have visions of a local less picky outfit, intended to tv series off beauty of the bridesmaid. These robes are generally strapless and additionally have designed lines. The bouquets should be simple and easy and additionally elegant because well, as in a hand-tied arrangement of white calla lilies, an image of magnificence. A showy arrangement wouldnt be your ideal preference using this type of type of attire, however a classic grip bridal arrangement can be your answer. Pastel pink roses will be most beneficial in a clutch wedding basket, your perfect image related with happiness, gentility and also goodwill.

Vintage robes

This is certainly a huge category which includes Bohemian gypsy-style dresses, medieval princess frocks, and additionally Charleston swing era gowns. Match wedding bouquets with the design related with dress which you choose. A few bridal bouquets just wouldn’t work for some of the vintage gowns. Related with course, our dresses are really up-to-date to reflect your styles related with your early 21st century.

Make certain you let the florist or on the internet wedding day expert understand exactly what type of gown you have picked. It could well be best for them to get a image of the dress, preferably along with you in it!

If or when you are doubtful of how to select the design and style of bridal arrangement that is right for you, bearing in mind the decisions which youve undoubtedly created, depend on tips from all the technicians.

And remember, youre not restricted to fresh plants for your wedding. Silk wedding floral programs are really available at great rates from many on the internet merchants. They can guide you to decide if or when your cascading bridal arrangement, your hand-tied wedding day vase, or an additional style is ideal for you considering your place, your time of year, the environment, your figure, etc. Silk wedding flowers are a smart preference for budget-minded brides, along with for luxurious brides whom just wish your best!

7 vows are really taken to mark your bond of wedding!

In almost every society in the Indian wedding, 7 vows are really taken to mark your bond of wedding, involving the bridesmaid and also the groom, your post talks of each and every single phera, according to your pledges taken by the bridesmaid as well as the bridegroom correspondingly

Indian relationships are actually famous all around the world, resulting from their sanctity and also the value of wedding because a bond in Indian families. Indian weddings are filled with rituals and additionally ceremonies, that are performed to mark one or your some other sacred belief and additionally event. The wedding ceremonies, in India are really filled with traditional values, each custom having their own meaning and also significance. It is said, each and every single routine carried out in a Lace Wedding Dresses , has built a role to experience for improving the bond of wedding amongst the bridesmaid and also bridegroom. its even for their better long-term related with your few, to get a healthy as well as a happy hitched existence.

Regarding the wedding day, there are numerous rituals and ceremonies, that are carried out by the family members of your bride as well as the groom and by your few themselves. Your ceremonies are like, jaimala, kanyadan, idol worship, etc, according to the faith or your government where wedding is practiced. A common ritual is sang in most your religions and additionally societies is 7 circles around the sacred fire or perhaps the saat pheras, each phera signifying your importance of being together forever. Seven pheras are actually taken before of your holy fire, together with the existence of the priest inside the mandap of your marriage. Your 7 vows those marks your begin of the happy married life.

Following is the summary of the initial three pheras of your Hindu wedding culture:

1st phera:

Inside the very first phera the couple prays to the god, to seek his blessings with their happy and healthy married existence. the 1st phera additionally focuses on the significance of god, like the just source, for blessing your bride and also bridegroom through a healthy lifestyle and also sufficient food and additionally eatables to contribute a healthy life. Your groom enchants your mantra- Om esha ekapadi bhava iti prathama, in which your man boasts to your bridesmaid which with any single transferring day, your bond related with their love will become more virile and your man will appreciate the food cooked by this girl for him. Even, their really love and additionally affection at each and every single other will not ever get less and can make their existence happy and additionally cheerful.

Your bridesmaid says, Dhanam dhanyam pade vadet, interpretation, that she could follow by every one of the the choices taken by your groom and can complete heartedly fulfill all of the this girl duties and takes care related with his family forever.

Second phera:

Inside the second phera, your spouse and additionally groom prays to god for granting them with psychological, tangible and additionally religious comfort to contribute a fast and then a contended life after bonding with one another because partner and partner. Your bridegroom enchants your mantra , Om oorje jara dastayaha, and says to your bride, that using this second promise, permits pledge that you become each and every single others strength and additionally could together work for getting every one of the the odds and additionally malignant capabilities away from our home and also family.

The bridesmaid can say, Kutumburn rakshayishyammi sa aravindharam, in which she guarantees your groom, to feel invariably combined with him and also fill his center with courage and strength. And also will be honest to him and additionally can help him in evading away all of the negativities and malefic capabilities from all the home.

3rd phera:

Within the finally phera, your bride and the groom, together prays to your god, for delivering all of them with prosperity, success and also intellect to be able contribute a satisfied lifestyle. In addition they pledge to together manage the sacred along with the religious conduct and respect toward their god and also faith. Your groom can say, Om rayas Santu joradastayaha, which from today onwards your man will consider all of the various other women because that sisters and also offers due love to that girlfriend, and could together pray to go and keep a holy environment at home for your flourishment of a better future.

The bride will say, Tava bhakti because vadedvachacha, that she can love him and connection for your rest of their life and additionally will see all of the other males as her brothers. Even, she could bath every one of the this girl really love and affection on top of him to strengthen their wedding bond.

Rest of your pheras is explained within the second aspect of the post.

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Wedding day Ring Traits

Nearly each and every single culture trades a a wedding ring like a sign related with their adore and additionally dedication at a wedding ceremony. However above the our generations, taste and also fashion possess slightly modified and modified. Marriage rings have become significantly more varied than ever ahead related with because of a better diversity in artwork and additionally substances. Indexed in this case are a some rings solved being preferred in 2013 and additionally past.

In 2013, we are collection to handle on top of previous habits, as one particular of your biggest favorites could be your gemstone marriage ring. The essential preferred steel to select all the gemstone is likely to become the ever right before widely recognized platinum, which outshines some other processed substances, additionally since outlasts. Diamond clusters modest and additionally big are going to be upon a large number of grooms and additionally brides records, since the couple appear good on simultaneously equally mens and also womens marriage rings. For mens platinum diamond rings, well-liked layouts are really likely to consist of geometrical, directly strains and triangular forms by having a far less interior rounded edge (a softer or flat court band).

2013s Platinum development could see women of all ages adorning their hand with thin wedding musical organization with clusters related with diamonds. Certain favorites, as we certainly have certainly seen from the existing many years, may be rings coated within a directly group of modest diamonds, rings encrusted with one big gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds and platinum gemstone rings with one sole cushion or perhaps oval shaped gemstone.

Another eye-catching trend are going to be patterned special day rings, a familiar favorite from the previous wide range of many years. Patterned rings are really practically definitely a well-liked as a outcome of the versatility and variety. Through the bold and additionally heavy-duty looking engraved marks to difficult Celtic models, your patterned Dresses Under $100 is best for individuals that require to add simply a quick awareness back to their event rings without including an important gemstone,Wedding gowns including a diamond.

A farther along trend is the combine related with not one but two diverse coloured metals, for example gold and also white-rare metal to be able to provide the interesting complete and also active design regarding the ring. It was definitely used in simple and easy patterned marriage marriage rings because being a distinguishable patterned occupation, that gives any mans or womans ring a fashionable contact. A weaving wedding day ring has additionally become a preferred seem on account related with its simplistic and also fascinating style. Weaving big celebration rings usually use a powerful metallic, for example important metal, white-rare metal, palladium and also platinum woven in between a slim but robust take away of contrasting coloured metallicholiday gowns uk.

Plain wedding rings continue to be most likely to become the maximum favorite in 2013, since a result related with their shinning magnificence. A straight forward wedding day ring brings more focus on your metal, in lieu of a teaser or maybe a stone, permitting you along with some other to appreciate your overall appeal related with the steel. Karen Gail Lewis | Dec 20th 2012 – Without a girlfriend Most women (typically been without a girlfriend and also solitary but once more by virtue of breakup or death) reveal to myself the two days the couple despise the quintessential are really December 31 and additionally February fourteen Brand new Decades Eve and Valent . It is an individual thing that may be the vast majority of observed by all of the t . Indian wedding receptions perform diversified sophisticated functions and they are considered near your fascinating unwelcome related with .evening dresses Indian weddings are actually one out of every single of them. Relationships in India usually are not really exactly the customized that has being wear . With chauffeur driven cars London, you might be certain to knowledge unparalleled .