Hair Trial

Mr. B and I spent part of Labor Day weekend in Savannah finishing up some loose ends and checking items off our to-do list.  One major item that was checked off my list—hair trial!

I had the most difficult time deciding who would do my hair and makeup, since it was hard to really know who I wanted to use without firsthand knowledge. This is definitely one of many destination bride problems, but I think it will all work out in the end. After scouring the internet I finally decided to book Joli A. for hair and makeup for me and my bridal party. Their reviews were great and I liked what I saw on their website and Facebook page.

We set up my hair trial for this past weekend but unfortunately could not do a makeup trial because the makeup artist was out of town for the long weekend. Brittany showed up at my hotel room at 10 on Sunday morning and immediately got to work trying to make me look like my life inspiration, Kate Middleton.

Image via Grazia

She mentioned making the curls a bit more defined since they would fall throughout the day, which sounded good to me. I did not get a picture of the front, but it was basically parted to the side with a little bit of volume—exactly what I wanted. This is the back:

Hair Trial :  wedding hair savannah HairTri01 HairTri01

Personal photo

I really like the way it turned out! Brittany suggested getting some extensions to add thickness, which would help the twisty/crossover part look more like my inspiration. They suggested getting real hair extensions so now I am on the hunt—any brand suggestions??

Happy with my trial, I bid them farewell since it was time to meet Mr. B in the hotel lobby so we could go to church. Not so fast! Instead of un-doing my own hair, Brittany asked if I wanted her to change it up so Mr. B didn’t see my wedding-day look. Two hairstyles for the price of one? Yes, please! This was what I had just a few minutes later:

Hair Trial :  wedding hair savannah HairTri02 HairTri02

Personal photo

Not only did I love the way the Joli A. girls did my hair, but they were also fun to hang out with! I am excited for them to help my ladies and me get ready on my wedding day. I am debating when to do my makeup trial since I will not be back in Savannah until the wedding week: The Thursday before the wedding so I have a few days to think about it? Friday, so I have my makeup done for the rehearsal? Do I really need a trial?

Did anyone else wait until the last minute to do a hair or makeup trial? Any recommendations for hair extensions? Any suggestions for how to make my wedding hair better?


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