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The day when we are getting married, maybe the wedding vows should include such words: whether the bridegroom will leave the bride if she becomes fat. If the answer is a yes, then I would wear the plus size wedding dress in that day.

The plus size wedding dress is suitable for what kind of people? I think it will suit the cutest and sweetest women in the world. Usually these kinds of girls are easy to be shy. Maybe sometimes, they are not confident enough and people think they are not beautiful enough. Or maybe to some people, they are nothing. However in my mind, they are the cutest and sweetest girls in the world, and they are not arrogant as those pretty girls.

To tell you the truth, i was very fat before, same with other fat girls. I was always laughed at by other people. I had a boy friend before and he said he love me very much. I did not know whether it was a sad thing or not, my ex-boy friend broke up with me because of my fat body. And now my new boy friend said he does not care whether I’m fat or not, but I am pretty thin now.

For fat brides, choosing a right wedding dress plus is a very confused problem. It has become a challenge for them. In order to make you buy favorite wedding dress, I give you some suggestions.

Please don’t decide your wedding dress in a hurry. Please take many details into your consideration. You should treat your wedding dress seriously.

The wedding dress plus you choose should fit your figure. As we all know, the dress which can accent your body line is the perfect dress for you.

But the first thing for you is to know your figure clearly. You should measure your size before your wedding, and buy the dress according this size.

Every woman wants to become a fashionable and beautiful bride. Some fashionable wedding dress will be your best choice. If you don’t know the fashion trends on plus size wedding dress, you can search it online or read some fashion magazine.

We are the fashion wedding dress plus online shop, you can find any dress you love, please come to our website and have a shopping journey!


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