Our Theme and Inspiration Board Revealed!

As I mentioned in my last post, it was really important to us that our guests would walk away with a deep understanding of the significance of the day and their role in it, all while feeling like there was some cohesion between that and the actual details and décor of the day. So in coming up with our theme, we took a really non-linear approach of simultaneously taking a step back to think about how we would love our ceremony to flow, while also starting to hone in on a few types of details or décor elements that we liked.

In speaking with our pastor, who’d be officiating and had also been one of the folks who walked us through a lot of the roughest moments in our relationship, one of the things he had suggested was setting the stage by sharing some background on our story. While all those invited were friends who had played a key role in our journey, many had varying degrees of understanding of what actually happened. Given that significant others who were less involved would also be attending, we felt like it would be good to level-set everyone and provide the context before jumping into our vows. So the personal sharing aspect was definitely something to take into consideration. Examples of other details we took into account were that our outdoor venue was definitely more on the rustic side, the event itself would be really intimate, we wanted to go for simplicity and hopefully something that felt personal and unique, and of course my not-so-unique love of kraft paper and string. :) So with all that in mind, we landed on our unofficial theme.


Our unofficial theme was around the idea of “good stories.” I say “unofficial” because we wanted it to be subtle, since we thought making it too overt would take away a little bit of the sanctity of the day. Why “good stories” and how does that come to life? Well, for one thing, we were going to be sharing our actual story, but at a more general level, in the best stories, there always comes a point when you don’t know if the protagonist is going to make it, and the journey of how they do is what makes the story. We felt like that was a picture of our marriage. There was a point where we really didn’t think we were going to make it. And a huge part of the day would be telling the story of how things fell apart and the miraculous things that happened that saved us.

In terms of how that would come to life, well, here are some selections from our Pinterest board pieced together into an inspiration board for our event! We are both big book nerds—in fact, we even have our very own library in our home. We also liked how the “literary” look fit so well into the overall rustic environment (kind of funny that books are considered more “rustic” and “antique” now).

Daffodil inspiration board (clockwise, links from Pinterest): OnceWed; Melissa Baum Events Blog; Every Last Detail blog; Style Me Pretty / Photo by Hello Love Photography; Matthew Alvarado; Style Me Pretty / Photo by Shannon Mathis; Ruffled Blog / Photo by Azelle Photography

From a color and floral perspective, we knew we definitely wanted to go with a light aqua blue—it is one of our favorite colors (in fact, much of our home is decorated in it!). We also wanted to have a pop of color, and ended up deciding on a light peach. This is the board that we came across that sealed the color deal for us.

Peach & Blue inspiration board from Snippet & Ink

So these are what set the tone for how we would begin our planning journey! Of course, we did want things to be more subtle, so as I post about the details, you’ll notice they don’t really look much like these boards. But taking the time to think through a theme really helped us focus and ensure that all the various elements of the day would be tied together.

Article source from: http://www.weddingbee.com/2013/09/10/peach-and-blue-wedding-theme/#ixzz2eYzBNgGw


Parents should pay more attention to kids quality

Kids are a kind of particular people who need special care. Everything for kids should be selected elaborately. The quality comes first. When selecting kid’s makeup, parents should stick to a principle that no abuse of kid’s makeup.

In modern society, children have many chances to show on stage. Therefore, make-up becomes essential to their performance. For the sake of protecting children delicate skin, many products produce kid’s make up.

When choosing kid’s make up, parents should pay more attention to its quality, brands and so on. First, makeup must be applied cautiously to the kids. Skins of kids are born very well so that kids should use cosmetic as little as possible.

Second, children should not use adult cosmetic. The concentration of cosmetics is different from children’s to adults. Kids are at development stage, the improper cosmetic may stimulate the skin.

Third, use the cosmetic produced by specialized manufacturers. These manufacturers have special knowledge of kid’s cosmetic so that their produces are guaranteed.

Forth, do not pursue the new kid’s make up. If your kids use the new products, they will become the trial targets for the reason that the new products’ stability is not sure.

We will say nature is the best. What’s worse, they may be allergic to be cosmetics. And kids between one to three years old are depending on themselves. If they still look like a new born, cosmetics are excess.

However, if they are covered with a scar or something drives away the beauty, now they are in the need of being dressed up. Well, if the kids are more than seven years old, girls are normalcy getting a well done makeup, but this doesn’t go with boys.

When you are taking your kid for a photograph shooting, will you ask the cosmetician do your baby’s face? I think most of parents don’t want those cosmetic on their babies’ skin, cause most of the time it is harmful to their skin.

Actually, it really is distinct from the adult shooting, not every kid has to be put on makeup, which is depending on the detailed age and the skin. Normally, the kid under one year old will not be put on makeup, cause their skin is the best, the makeup is unnecessary, and sometime if they are wearing makeup, it’s just make it worse.

Hair Trial

Mr. B and I spent part of Labor Day weekend in Savannah finishing up some loose ends and checking items off our to-do list.  One major item that was checked off my list—hair trial!

I had the most difficult time deciding who would do my hair and makeup, since it was hard to really know who I wanted to use without firsthand knowledge. This is definitely one of many destination bride problems, but I think it will all work out in the end. After scouring the internet I finally decided to book Joli A. for hair and makeup for me and my bridal party. Their reviews were great and I liked what I saw on their website and Facebook page.

We set up my hair trial for this past weekend but unfortunately could not do a makeup trial because the makeup artist was out of town for the long weekend. Brittany showed up at my hotel room at 10 on Sunday morning and immediately got to work trying to make me look like my life inspiration, Kate Middleton.

Image via Grazia

She mentioned making the curls a bit more defined since they would fall throughout the day, which sounded good to me. I did not get a picture of the front, but it was basically parted to the side with a little bit of volume—exactly what I wanted. This is the back:

Hair Trial :  wedding hair savannah HairTri01 HairTri01

Personal photo

I really like the way it turned out! Brittany suggested getting some extensions to add thickness, which would help the twisty/crossover part look more like my inspiration. They suggested getting real hair extensions so now I am on the hunt—any brand suggestions??

Happy with my trial, I bid them farewell since it was time to meet Mr. B in the hotel lobby so we could go to church. Not so fast! Instead of un-doing my own hair, Brittany asked if I wanted her to change it up so Mr. B didn’t see my wedding-day look. Two hairstyles for the price of one? Yes, please! This was what I had just a few minutes later:

Hair Trial :  wedding hair savannah HairTri02 HairTri02

Personal photo

Not only did I love the way the Joli A. girls did my hair, but they were also fun to hang out with! I am excited for them to help my ladies and me get ready on my wedding day. I am debating when to do my makeup trial since I will not be back in Savannah until the wedding week: The Thursday before the wedding so I have a few days to think about it? Friday, so I have my makeup done for the rehearsal? Do I really need a trial?

Did anyone else wait until the last minute to do a hair or makeup trial? Any recommendations for hair extensions? Any suggestions for how to make my wedding hair better?

Find professional photographer in studio

Thanks to the wedding photographers, because of them, our wonderful memories of wedding displayed themselves in realistic life.

Do you want to memorize your beautiful images in your wedding day? Having a trendy and modern wedding photography is every couple’s dream. It will record all process of your wedding. You will keep it all life. When you take it and see it again in your 60 years old, you will feel that it just happened yesterday.

Finding a perfect photographer is a very important thing, if you find an unprofessional photographer, you won’t own a wedding photography which is t very perfect. Your wedding is a very serious thing.

You should attach importance to it. You can find professional photographer in studio; you can also find the perfect wedding photographer online. After you decide your wedding photographer, the next thing you should do is to cooperate with your wedding photographer. Do whatever he demands you.

You can take your photography in different locations. It is a very happy thing to own your own wedding photography. You can show it to your kids and grandsons. You can also see it with your wife when both of you are old. How romantic!

Owning a wedding photography is a very easy thing. Recording your wedding, your smile, your happiness is a very romantic thing. Hope you love each other forever!

What works the wedding photographers need to do? Wedding photographers can be divided in to two kinds, one is on-side wedding photographer, and the other is the photographer helps the couple to make artistic wedding photos.

On-side wedding photography record the most beautiful moments in wedding, and at the same time, change the beautiful moment to eternity. The photographer is the busiest man/woman in the wedding.

He/she keeps in searching for the best angle to photo the couples, and the happy smiles on couple’s face became eternity in his/her hands. The pleasant atmosphere of the wedding became higher under his/her busy figure.

The photography reserves happiness, pleasant, perfect to us. And when we watch the on-site wedding CD, the only one we can’t find is the wedding photographer. His/her silent contribution results the happiness of human beings.

And the other kind of artist wedding photographers would make the most beautiful artistic photos for the couples. Under their hands, every couple had become the hot film stars.

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos

Admittedly, family pictures have always mattered the least to me when perusing other peoples’ albums and blog posts. They’re nice, they’re sentimental, and they definitely have meaning—but only to the people actually in them, I feel.

That having been said, there will be absolutely no hard feelings if you skim or skip this post. ;)

It’s no secret that I have family drama. As a result, I have little to no pictures with anyone in my family. Even the pictures that existed from my childhood, from the once upon a time when things were normal, have been long deemed MIA. These pictures, although they don’t feature my mother or my father, feature people that are related to me, and there are some that showcase both sides of something magical and beautiful: Mr. Palm Tree’s and my relationship. As a result, I get a little misty when I look at them and feel as though they deserve their feature as well.

*all photos courtesy of Limelight-Images

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C879 1K2C879

In the above photo are my aunt and my cousins. My aunt is my mother’s sister. She was not a part of most my life. My parents worked very hard to keep anyone who might intervene (that is: try to take my sister, whom I do not speak to any longer, and me away from them) out of our lives. As a result, I’d say from about age 12 or 13 until college, I had little to no contact with anyone in my family, save for my Gram who passed away my sophomore year of high school and Rev. Fun, who lived in Atlanta until recently. My aunt found my sister on Facebook my junior year of college and through her we reconnected. She had absolutely no idea about the life I had lived. MOH Mem and I flew out to Vegas, where she and her family lived, during spring break that year, and I was reunited with my family for the first time in over a decade. I hadn’t even met my twin cousins, and the last time I had seen Alex he was two. I met him again when he was 12.

Since that trip, my aunt and I have reconnected. I can’t say it’s been all sunshine and roses, but that’s how most families are (or so I’m told ;) ). It’s been bumpy, from time to time, trying to find the balance: she’s an adult and came into my life when I was an adult. We missed years of each other’s lives where a natural progression would have taken place. We get along fabulously and are extremely close sometimes, and other times we butt heads like no other. We’re still trying to figure it out, I think, but she and her kids are some of the most important people in my life. I am so grateful that we were able to find our way to one another. I am so grateful that they were a part of the best day of my life.

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C87901 1K2C87901

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C880 1K2C880

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C88001 1K2C88001

This picture absolutely stuns me. These girls hold such a special spot in my heart.

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C88002 1K2C88002

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C88003 1K2C88003

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C88004 1K2C88004

From left to right: Mr. PT’s grandfather, Mr. PT’s grandmother, The Palm Trees, FMIL Palm Tree, and Mr. PT’s stepfather

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C881 1K2C881

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C88101 1K2C88101

Mr. Palm Tree and I are both incredibly close to his grandparents. We like to think of ourselves as mini versions of them. Next year, they’ll celebrate their 50th anniversary as we celebrate our first.

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C88102 1K2C88102

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C882 1K2C882

We make fun of his stepfather all of the time for not smiling in pictures.

Treely, Madly, Deeply: Family Photos :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 1K2C88201 1K2C88201

All of the family members together ❤

Up next: more red door photos. We just couldn’t get enough of it.


Article source from: http://www.weddingbee.com/2013/08/27/family-wedding-portraits-5/#axzz2dFU7coGm

Is the Best Wedding Hair on Your Wedding?

There are several basic factors that should be considered about the wedding hair. The color of the hair is one of them. Which color do you prefer: Black or brown?  Most of the brides prefer light color because it would make the skin look brighter.

Golden hair is popular with brides. Then, there comes the hair style: curl or straight? Down style is suitable for the brides who are tall while the up style is perfect for the ones who are a little short. One could look like taller with a big wave up her head. Accessories are important too.

You can make the accessories as unique as you can. The flowers and the veil on your head could not be ignored. The veil can be long enough down to your heel to make you more attractive and it can be so short that make you as adorable as possible.

Lily is probably the most popular flower on behind your ear. Make sure it is a real flower not a fake one. The more fragrant the flower is, the more attractive you would be.

Make the design of the wedding hair according your own features. You should definitely make your wedding hair style as unique as you can.

What do you think is the best wedding hair on your wedding? It is very expensive for you to make hair cut, and the designing of the hair is so expensive for you. There are so many beautiful hairs that you will like, but on that most special day the most beautiful designing hair is so important for you. So even the price of hair cut is so expensive, and you will make your hair beautiful.

But the designing of the hair is very hard thing to do. For the bride, they want the most special hair in the world because they want to have a very special memory for it.

When the bride and groom take pictures, they want the wedding hair tol appeal to everyone who will see the photos. So the wedding hair is so important for them.

On the wedding, I think you must choose anything best for you. How many people in the world like wedding, what about the wedding hair? Do you think of it before? It is so important for the visitors, and the bride and the groom.

Cupcakes Galore!

Once we discovered wheat was ingredient-non-grata for me, the chances that whatever we served during dessert would be made by me increased exponentially. While I’m more than capable enough to attempt such a thing, and ambitious enough to seriously consider it, I also realized that if I’m this busy three months out from the wedding, the week before is probably not going to be ideal baking time.

While I’ll still be making a few things for the dessert buffet, the bulk of the responsibility will be on the capable shoulders of Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery.

Lucy & Leo’s has been a Tallahassee favorite for several years, and has added gluten-free flavors to their Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday line-ups. Since they don’t make all the flavors all the time, they were willing to set aside the gluten-free flavors they made for a given week (and let me request certain flavors, too) for me to pick up the following Monday so we could get a good idea of the flavors we might want. I also picked up a couple of regular cupcakes so that Mr. Road Trip could test the Cupcakery’s claims that their gluten-free cupcakes are actually better than the regular!

Our tasting assortment—don’t they look delicious?!

Hive, I exhibited amazing restraint by having these cupcakes in my office for the entire afternoon and then waited for Mr. Road Trip to get home from work and have supper together before tasting any of them. Even the chocolate peanut butter one that T had absolutely no interest in. Supreme. Restraint.


The cupcakes before the tasting…

I split all the gluten-free cupcakes in half so we could each take a taste, but T got the regulars all to himself, and was able to confirm that the vanilla gluten free really was better than the regular recipe, and that the chocolate was a very close second (the chocolate cookies & cream was a bit dense, but still delicious).

…and what was left after we decided to just try a “taste” of a few after dinner

Based on this delectable sampling, we decided on a dozen each of the chocolate peanut butter, the key lime, the strawberry (after confirming it would still be available in November), and something else. We were debating one of the other chocolate flavors, but decided to go with one of their fall flavors—gingered pumpkin—to round things out.

This was, by far, one of the tastiest decisions we’ve had to make for the upcoming wedding. And while I still plan on making a couple of small, simple cakes, some brownies, and some cookies to accompany the cupcakes, I’m now looking forward to a little relaxing baking time before the out-of-town guests arrive.


Aritcle source from: http://www.weddingbee.com/2013/08/19/gluten-free-wedding-cupcakes/#axzz2cUivIqNu